Monday, 4 April 2016

More Geese...

      Brent Geese at Myroe Levels       
On Saturday 25th March 2016, I recorded another two Brent Geese on the Myroe Levels and they appeared to be paired together.  Graham McIlwaine sent me the files for these two geese and they are indeed paired.  The male was unusual, as he only had a single 'colour-ring' on his left leg '  B ' and just a 'metal-ring' on the right leg.  As it turns out, he did have a 'colour-ring' on his right-leg '  C ', but it has fallen off.

He is now identified by being with his partner, whom he has been paired to since at least April 2011.  It was in January 2014, when they were seen together and the missing ring was noted.

  C    B   was ringed as an adult male on the 25th May 2007 at Stekkur, Álftanes, SW Iceland.  His mate 'White Z'    C   was ringed as an adult female on the 24th May 2010 at Lambh./Grandi, Álftanes, SW Iceland.

Having decided not to go back to Myroe for a few weeks, Graham encouraged me to make further visits if possible, as re-sightings from there were highly desirable.  I decided to return on the 1st April and not only did I record this pair for a second time, I also spotted another 4 new geese, which in turn led to a 5th.

Brent Goose Pair  -  'White Z'   C     and (metal only)    B    -  (01 Apr 2016)

Graham found my five new geese interesting, as these birds were recently recorded at Dublin Bay in the Republic of Ireland and my sighting of them at the Myroe Levels was a first for them all at this site.  It may well be likely, that they use Myroe as a staging post, before flying on to Iceland.

I reported two of these geese as a pair, being   6     D   and   4     4   and a 3rd goose -   H    K   - was also paired to a 'colour-ringed' bird, but I had no photos showing it's two 'colour-coded' rings in the same picture.  Graham informed me that it would be a female ringed as   C    P   and checking through my photos, I discovered photos of each ring, confirming a 5th Goose.  The remaining goose was ringed as   2     2 .

Brent Goose Pair  -     6    D   and his Partner   4    4   -  (01 Apr 2016)
  6    D   was ringed as an adult on the 6th March 2013 at Finglas, Dublin, R. of Ireland
  4    4   was ringed as an adult also on the 6th March 2013 at Finglas, Dublin, R. of Ireland

Brent Goose Pair  -    H   K   and his Partner    C   P   -  (01 Apr 2016)
  H   K   was ringed as an adult on the 30th March 2015 at Dublin Bay, R. of Ireland
  C   P   was ringed as an adult on the 18th May 2005 at  Hausastadir, Álftanes, SW Iceland

  2    2   was ringed as an adult on the 6th March 2013 at Finglas, Dublin, R. of Ireland

As well as the re-sighting of 'metal only'   B  and his mate 'White Z'   C , previously mentioned, I also re-sighted   over     X , 'White C'    3   and   U    U .  

Brent Goose  -     over      X   -  (01 Apr 2016)

Brent Goose  -  'White C'   3   -  (01 Apr 2016)

Brent Goose  -     U    U   -  (01 Apr 2016)


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